Burnt Butter Sage and Small Potatoes

by Phil Lavers from Moonacres Farm


1kg small potatoes, washed but NOT peeled
100g of butter
20 leaves of sage


Boil potatoes for 20 minutes (yes, 20 minutes, until a fork easily goes into the spuds). Meanwhile, melt butter on low heat in frypan. Add sage leaves, cut into halves. Fry the sage on medium heat until it starts to go brown. Sprinkle a little water (like 1/2 a teaspoon) and take off heat (this step is important because butter holds its heat and will go too dark unless quenched. Some people use lemon juice at this point, but only use 1/4 of as lemon has a strong taste). Set aside until spuds are done.

Steam off spuds. Now fry the spuds on high heat in the burnt sage butter. Crush every third potato, cook until just starting to brown. Season with a little salt and serve.

If you'd like to be extra creative you can also wash and cut one bunch of black kale (cavolo nero) into 2cm lengths to steam over the spuds. Fry the black kale with the spuds, again season with a little salt and serve.

I really feel a debt of gratitude to Walmestone Growers as due to our weekly deliveries of top quality Vegetable, fruit and Eggs, we are eating so much more healthily. Each item is of a quality I would choose myself.

— Mary From Canterbury

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